Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Internet - How Boring

Seriously, the Internet can be one bleak, boring landscape when you live there day in and day out. I've taken to watching my stocks rise and fall throughout the day. How exciting...

I bought GGWPQ.PK when it was still GGP at $.45 a share. Okay, I think I bought the day before they went into bankruptcy protection. I'm a stock market savant like that. Anyway, today it's flirting around the $13 dollar range with a rejected bid from Simon Properties making the news last week and a rival offer from Brookfield in the news today. I'm up 2,821.12% from when I bought. Pretty cool, but I'm still bored.

What else is going on? Oh yes, I'm upgrading my WW support village in Travian. Yes, we're building a World Wonder, yes we're likely to win the server, yes it's all very exciting, but it can also be a little like watching paint dry.

Hopefully my weight vest arrives today. I had some Amazon gift vouchers which I spent on an X-Acto knife and tool set, a mini trampoline and a 20lb weight vest. Yes, I do plan on doing some very active crafts projects... Unfortunataley I didn't have enough to also get Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii, not that it would've fit the above mentioned theme.

Is this why people get sucked into social networking? I should be working, should be making money, should be doing something, anything productive, but I'm likely going to do little more in the next hour than make myself a picante beef ramen (they're the only tasty ramen).

The Internet is a boring place. Don't believe me? What are you doing that's so all fired exciting? You're reading this dumb blog, that's what, you schmuck/schmuckette...

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