Friday, February 13, 2009

Mafia RPG

Lately I've been dicking around playing MafiaPayDay. It's a basic multi-player mafia roleplaying game that's not half bad. It's not terribly exciting on the surface, but once you start to understand the guts of the game it can be pretty addictive.

The ghist of it is this: you're a mobster. You start out as a low-level mob soldier, but do your jobs, build respect and hold your points and you can rise up the ranks. It's a solo game, with MMO aspirations, but the reality on both fronts is that your family is what ends up mattering most.

There's a lot of family play built in, but not so much that you can't fly solo if you want to. I doubt it's as much fun without the family element, but the option is there.

It's also one of those free games with the option to invest further into your character. I have yet to buy in, but I have pocketed a little cash. I guess I forgot to mention that the idea behind MafiaPayDay is that you earn cash for knocking off a Don, real cash. I've only killed one Don in the game so far, but a free game that pays cash is cool, even if the cash isn't easy to earn.

For new players, here are a few tips:

1. If you're going to pay dues, pay them before you do any jobs. It will save you points.

2. Do your daily jobs, petty crimes, family jobs and city bank robbing every day.

3. Click "Protection" on the left nav. Buy bodyguards when you can. You might be more anxious to wack another player, but check out the power of some of the weapons, and their costs. It isn't expensive to blow through 50k in protection with a big enough gun.

4. Beats and wacks are based on points in your wallet vs. the victims points plus their protection.

5. Lottery - look at the pot-odds. Play whenever you like, but look at the pot-odds to see when it's smart to play. Essentially, if the stated odds are 1 in 10 with a $10 buy-in, a ticket on any pot over $100 is a good buy. I use the "$" but it's all fictional points (except for the Don pot payout).

6. Grave robbing - use a shovel. If you wack someone, always grave rob with a shovel. If you don't wack someone, click through the obits and buy information on victim's points. If they're 100, grave dig with a shovel.

Fuck, I can't really write all there is to write. Go play MafiaPayDay and come back here and finish the how-to for me. I'm that damn lazy...

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