Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Wear Your - a $66,000 Idea

This guy had this idea to sell days wearing sponsored shirts for 2009. January 1st would be a buck, January 2nd $2.00 on through December 31st for a whopping $365.00. This idea is ridiculous, silly, even absurd, but it stands to net this guy a bit over $66,000.00!

For wearing shirts!

T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, polos, whatever - shirts!

It's currently December of '08 and he's already sold out nearly half the year! There's only 1 day left for sale in the month of May and spots sold in June...

Not bad for a silly idea -

Tell you what, I'll wear your gloves. For $66,000 I will wear your gloves exclusively (that means I won't wear anybody elses goloves), on cold days, for all of 2009. Put your logo on them things, embroider a slogan on those bad boys and I'll wear 'em. I'll even talk about your gloves right here on this blog. Heck, I'll post pictures of your gloves on my hands while I do Penis Heroic stuff.

Now go get your checkbook.

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