Wednesday, October 08, 2008

T Mobile, You Suck

T Mobile's collections practices are, in my opinion, apalling!

Last night I received an automated call from T Mobile that said essentially "If this is John Doe, press 1..." Knowing that their machine would keep dialing until someone answered I pressed 1. Apparently John owes T Mobile $900.00.

I am not John.

My first name isn't John, nor is my last name Doe, but let's say for the sake of this blog that my name was Seth Doe. Same last name, but totally different person.

When the agent got on the line I told her that my name was not John Doe, that no John Doe lived at the number and that I had never met a John Doe, nor did I have a T Mobile account.

She first tried to tell me that John must have lived at my number in the past. I said no, it's been my number for nearly 6 years.

She then tried to say John listed me as a contact. I said no, there is no John in my family.

She went down a few other paths trying to make it out to be an honest mistake that T Mobile collections had made, and they were going by information John had submitted with his account, but let me tell you what really happened.

My wife, let's call her Suzy Q Doe, signed up with T Mobile about six weeks prior to their automated call. Because she shared the same last name as some guy named John on T Mobile's collections list, T Mobile decided to add our home phone number to their queue for harrasment.

That's not an honest mistake, that's harrassing good customers for the sake of collecting from bad customers.

T Mobile, you suck!

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