Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What is the Sexiest Halloween Costume?

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Some of you aren't looking for women's Halloween costumes at all. Some of you have been looking for : Penis Costumes

Continuing our Halloween theme from last post, today we're going to raise the age old question (he said "raise" *Beevis and Butthead laugh*); what is the sexiest Halloween costume?

Yes, today we ask your opinion, share a few of our own and mostly ogle some sexy Halloween costumes including, nurses uniforms, pirate wenches, sluts, witches and cat girls! We've also got your shopping needs covered, as all of these and more are available online, shipped right to your door!

If you're looking for, or just have an opinion on hot, sexy cheerleader outfits, anime cosplay fun, sexy school girl halloween outfits, naughty cops and robbers, etc, this is the blog post for you.

BTW, I expect comments dammit! Let's hear your opinions!

First off, we have Wicked Temptations and a couple all time favorites:

1. Hello Nurse! Nurse Violet here sports a very nice spin on the classic sexy nurse outfit. Please knock on my door. I have candy...Sexy Nurse

Why are nurses so popular? Think sponge bath. There the classic care provider meets temptress...or something.

You gotta' love Violet, but there are many other classics, and many oddball categories to choose from as well. It's not going to be easy to choose, the review process may be daunting, even exhausting and voting subject to recount after recount, but I think we're up to the task.

School GirlThere's no way under the sun that we can do a sexy costume post without the ever popular sexy schoolgirl (was I numbering these?). Popular the world over, from the US to Europe to Japan and beyond, the school uniform, with its short skirt and high stockings shows just enough thigh to drive many to the point of distraction. Let's face it, it ain't Halloween without a schoolgirl or two (Or wow, even three!).

Also from Wicked, Mickie here is somewhat tame, but some of their school girl uniforms aren't even meant to leave the bedroom...

MaidNever one to be out done, Pierre Silber, master of fetish footwear and ultra high heels to the extreme, steps in with our sexy maid outfit. They call her "Maid in the USA", and while she ain't French, by gum can she clean and polish!

AliceMoon Costumes has a few categories of risque costumes, but nothing quite as extreme as Wicked or Pierre. Still, we do like Alice here. Anyone know where that looking glass went...? BA DUM DUM!

And she comes with her very own wWhite Rabbit. Not sure about those pills that make you larger though. BA DUM BUM! I kill me...

Strawberry ShortcakeFlirty Lingerie has perhaps my favorites of the season, so I'll close out there. Yes, I know I skipped female police officer, cat girl, pirate, football player, etc, but cripes, there are thousands to choose from and I don't have all day! So, without further adou (sp?), I now present my votes (Yes, I get two votes! It's my blog and I'll cheat if I wan to!):

Please note, they do their larger images in a silly manner, so you actually have to click "allow popups" to view. How stupid is that?

First off is Strawberry Shortcake (uh huh, that Strawberry Shortcake!)! Cartoon characters are an awesome choice for Halloween, especially when they're a very sexed up version of what was essentially a tuffet headed (like what Little Miss Muffet sat on while eating her curds and whey) little thing that was as far from sexy as it gets. It's freakin' Strawberry Shortcake!!!

Raggedy AnnSecond, is Raggedy Ann (I always thought it was Anne...?), who is pretty dang sexy in blue, especially with the frilly hat! Nope, not a bunny costume (even with the bum shake), but Raggedy Ann!

Now vote, damn you!

What is the sexiest Halloween costume?!?! And no, it's not flippin' Kevin Sorbo! Submit a comment below to vote.


Penis Hero said...

Okay, if I have to pick one, I'll go with Raggedy Ann. Hello!

1 to zip...

Anonymous said...

Prob Raggedy Anne the others have been done to DEATH.

Trevor said...

well, I suppose we all have our different interpretations of "sexy" .. but here's my vote:


Anonymous said...

Raggedy Anne does it for me!!

Costumes said...
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Amber said...

I've always been a fan of Little Red Riding Hood...first because I look damn good in red/black combo, second because I LOVED that story when I was a kid, and third, because I can have a trusty wolf side kick if I wanted to make it a couples costume...