Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ocean's 13

It's not even out yet, but a few lucky bastards were at Cannes or some such and saw Ocean's 13 before the rest of us. I say "lucky bastards" not because I'm itching to see the movie, but because they were at Cannes and I wasn't - bastards!

Anyway, George Clooney is one of the few actors I actually like.

Matt Damon is... Nah, too easy. I'll leave him for the rest of you.

Brad Pitt seems to have got the idea that he needs to overact just about everything, but the ladies like him.

Al Pacino gets far more credit than he's due. I mean I can't honestly say I've seen him play a character other than Al Pacino since Taxi Driver, and that was De Niro! Okay, maybe I'm being overly harsh, or really thinking of a fictional Pacino / De Niro lovechild. I'll let it go...

Who else we got? Elliott Gould is back and Shaobo Qin (that little Asian acrobat dude from Ocean's Eleven).

Why am I not talking more about the meat of the matter? Weren't you reading above?

I wasn't at Cannes, remember? I haven't seen it yet... You're somewhat thick, aren't you?

I've read elsewhere where others have called it a crap film, but I have to ask them; it's a sequel of a sequel of a remake, what the hell did you honestly expect?!?! Lowered expectations always improve the entertainment value of movies you know might suck. Always!

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[EDIT]Hey, barely been up a day, and hardly dugg at all, but looks like I've been quoted at the Ocean's 13 DVD website! Eat that IMDB! Those guys must be desperate for blogs on Ocean's 13...[/EDIT]


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