Friday, June 08, 2007

Have I Taken a Blog of Chastity...?

Where's the love?

If you just searched for the sound a penis makes, or something related to the word "butthole" or information on how to give a blowjob, you're sorta' in the wrong blog, but before you go, the least you could do is leave a comment.

Before you click that ad over on the right with the chicks scrolling past that allegedly live in your neighborhood and want to meet you for sex, add a comment! BTW, they really do want to meet you and it's all free (women are never free).

Look, take the Ocean's 13 post below. Sure, it's not the movie you were looking for when you clicked whatever you clicked, but Brad's in that and he's nailing Angelina.

How many of you want to bang Angelina Jolie and her big fat felatio lips? Anyone? Then the least you could do is leave some inane "brad pitt is a lucky fuck!" comment.

Before this goes too far, I'm not actually looking to cater to you lot, I just think if you're going to go traipsing through my pad looking for...well, quite frankly, weird sounding porn, I'd like you to at least tip your hat and say hello.

While I have your attention, anyone watch that crap Pirate Masters tv show? I ask you, how does that blonde chick expect that little bikini top to survive even past the first couple episodes? She's asking way too much of it...

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