Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rat-Dog Drops Paula Abdul

Weekend update:

In an effort to avoid podgy little Tulip the chihuahua, a rat-dog of the small and squidgy variety, Paula Abdul took a nose dive, literally. She broke her nose and toe, as well as bruised her arm, hip, waist and chest.

God, imagine the mess if one of those things had popped!

Her rep was quoted by E! (no, I won't link to that crap) as saying:

"She tripped to avoid stepping on Tulip, one of her Chihuahuas. She is fine. This will have no effect whatsoever on her appearance on American Idol tomorrow and Wednesday for the finale."

Oh good. Idol wouldn't be Idol without Paula's unique brand of syrup. And after all, it's the finale! Who gives two shits? I'm not really sure, but someone must watch it...

So what is the moral of this story? Is there one, or am I just being a dick?

Mostly being a dick, truth be told, but it does illustrate the dangers of owning squashy little doglets (perhaps they'll be banned in the UK), that or Paula Abdul was really thrown down the stairs in a drunken fight with fellow has-been Whitney Houston. I'll leave the speculation up to you gossip hounds.

Maybe she was hopped up on pet meds...


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