Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Portland Gets #1 NBA Draft Pick!

Can you say wooooo hooooooooooo! Portland fans rejoice! The #1 NBA draft pick is a sweet sweet end to a pretty sour day.

With the number one pick, the Portland Trailblazers will likely take Greg Oden, a big man that brings a big impact to the game, a pick that would really round out the young, talented squad we have.

My prediction for a team with Roy, Aldridge, Randolph and the rest of the crew, plus Greg Oden: Playoffs baby!

Things just keep getting better up in PDX, so the rest of the Western Conferrence better be on their toes. We had a rough season in the middle this year and still scared a few teams. Next season is playoffs time.

#1 draft pick!

I just hope they don't trade the pick...


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