Thursday, May 17, 2007

America's Next Top Eating Disorder

What do you mean Jaslene?!?! So America's next top model is going to inspire young girls the world over to stick their fingers down their throats and blow chunks after every meal?

I'm sorry for being crass, but Jaslene is too skinny. She borders on unhealthy looking, and unless heroin chic is attractive, I just don't see it. She took a few nice pics, okay, some were great pics, but only in the face. The rest of her looked too angular and skeletal in pretty much every frame. Big elbows and bony knees with pelvic bone stretching the skin - eek!

Now Natasha Galkina, that girl was hot, ate the camera and got better and better as the "cycle" went on. So she was awkward in shooting from the hip in her commercial. It's not like she's a native speaker. Jaslene on the other hand sounds like a gangsta' hoochie. All in all, I think Natasha would have continued to get better and better, and would've turned out to be the first star to come of the show. Jasleen will be just another girl you don't hear from until next season.

Renee probably won the show as far as quality of work produced during the show goes, but she was a bitch and probably did shoot too old for a future with the likes of Seventeen magazine. She'll have a successful career though, as will Natasha. Jaslene will as well. She'll be an inspiration for young girls to develop eating disorders for years to come...

Tyra this season was her usual egomaniacal, let me be the next Oprah, oh my god, what is she wearing, every episode must mention "Tyra" in audio and video at least 30 times self we've grown accustomed to. I still like her SI days though... ;)

Miss Jay, please learn to dress yourself. The ruffled collar did nothing for you.

The rest of the cast did pretty well for themselves. Glad they didn't have that one dark haired ex-model bitch on again. What's her butt? Or at the very least, I'm glad I missed the episode if she was. Her lips look like she's been stung by a bee...

Okay, that's my America's Next Top Model rant for the season. Don't even get me started on Yauman not winning Survivor...

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