Thursday, October 05, 2006

The US Government Thinks YOU Are a Moron

Yes, it's sad but true. The people who are supposed to represent you, think you're a moron, a tool, a dullard, a thicky, 6%, etc.

How do I know this to be true?

Well, there's the whole war on terror thing that they assume you will continue to swallow like a sack full of Jelly Bellies, but I won't go there today. Today we're talking the need to protect you from yourself.

See, they think YOU are so daft that given the chance you'd cock up your life beyond all hope of redemption, that you'd ruin the lives of those you care about and that you'd eventually face eternal damnation. Well, at least that you might lose five bucks playing online poker.

Yep, this post is about the recent vote to ban internet gambling in the US of government A-holes. Were you aware they recently took away your right to play?

Yep, as further evidence that they consider you (and the rest of Congress) well shy of Mensa membership, they didn't even pass this outright. They slipped a little piece of rider legislation into a bill to increase port security. We all love port security. War on terror, yada yada yada. They all voted for it and the attached ban on online gambling, because they figured the six of you that will actually vote in next November's elections would be lulled by that warm port security blanket and miss the fact another of your rights was just taken away - to protect you from yourself of course - ya daft moron.

Now I personally do not think YOU are a moron. I think you are one clever clogs savvy camper so and so, ready to do what's needed, ready to cast your vote and get these bums out of office.

It's time for our government to stop protecting us from ourselves and time we started protecting our rights from our government...



AmyBeloved said...

Heh. That's rather sneaky of them. I don't really care about online gambling, but when pollies start fiddling with our civil rights I'll be perturbed.

Awohali said...

I am a Yellow Dog Democrat ( I'd vote for a lame Yellow Dog before a Republican ). The Republican Party has always been a tool of the corporate wealthy. All us worker bees were being distracted by the evil poker and casino games online, so the Queen Bee in Washington felt the need to get us back inline and to appease the extreme right at the same time. The right wingers represent about 20% of the voters and seem to have been controling the direction of US policy to cram their ideology down the throats of the other 80%. Maybe a more liberal Congress will listen-up and try to get the monkey in charge under control.