Sunday, September 03, 2006

Found Wallet

As yet another follow up to my credit cards post and the subsequent lost credit cards post, I am pleased to announce that today, I found my wallet. Yay!

It was exactly where I thought it should be, the same place I checked at least three times and the spot my wife checked at least twice. Believe it or not, this mystical vortex was a single pocket of a backpack. How did we miss a lost wallet in five+ checks of the very same backpack pocket? Magic...

I could go into details and explain exactly how it happened, but I won't. I'd rather mention my other interesting find of the day. All of this losing and finding and backpack pocket business is related to my hobby of gold prospecting. Yep, the yellow stuff and yes, people still do that.

So I was out panning for gold today in a spot I've been visiting lately. I found some gold, a ton of black sand that I'll clean later, a bunch of lead shot, a 22 bullet and a tiny red arrowhead. Here's a pic:

Is that not the cutest little arrowhead you've ever seen?!? There's some gold in the pan as well, but the arrowhead (and the wallet) made my day!
I've never found an arrowhead before, so to find one, let alone one in such great shape, was pretty exciting.

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