Thursday, August 24, 2006

Morning After Pill

The FDA approved non-prescription sales of the morning after pill (Plan B pill) manufactured by Barr Pharmaceuticals today, but only to those over the age of 18. Those under 18 would still need a prescription.

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As I'm sure we all might've expected, several things happened shortly after the news.

1. Barr stock rose (only $.11, but still decent).

2. Supporters hailed the decision, but cried foul at the age limit.

3. Opponents, primarily religious nutters and Bush supporters, threatened legal action over the fact that anyone can now get the Plan B pill without a prescription.

As for number one, I'm not really in the market for buying shares, but I can see this one continuing to rise.

Number two, I can see their point. Forcing young men and women to get a prescription the "morning after" before they can buy the pill just means more unwanted pregnancies. For those that miss the logic, it's pretty simple; if they wanted the pregnancy, they wouldn't want the pill...

Number three is pretty typical of that group. You know that group. They're made up of lots of smaller groups, many with wildly divergent agendas, but sharing one overriding driving force - that being to put their greasy thumbprints on every single thing the rest of us tries to do...

Every sperm is sacred. We get it... Oh? Not every sperm, just whenever a sperm gets near an egg? Oh okay, only when the sperm is likely getting in the vicinity of an egg and the two aren't married? Or is when the sperm is likely to die trapped in a condom? When the sperm is gay? I'm lost.

I guess I won't ever get it until I grasp the concept that sex is only okay when it is done strictly in order to procreate, and even then it's not supposed to be fun for either participant and they must be married (in a church by a priest). The woman is not allowed to feel pleasure and the man should be made to feel inadequate and self conscious about the size of his penis. Only then is sex okay in the eyes of that group...

The rest of us, we who are capable of seeing the upside of reducing unwanted pregnancy, teen pregnancy, drop out rates of teenage girls due to pregnancy and so on, need to keep pushing for sex education, easy access to condoms, non-prescription Plan B pills, etc. We've gotten lazy and the nuts have taken over the asylum.

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