Thursday, August 31, 2006

Lost Credit Cards

As a wonderfully ironic follow up to my somehow prophetic credit cards post from August 26th where I said:

Looking at this stack of cards makes me wonder just what the hell it is I plan to purchase - a small island maybe? Two of those cards mentioned I had forgotten I even had! If I lost my wallet I'd just have to call all the credit card companies and ask them if I have an account, and if so, could they please cancel it. At least I don't have a shopaholic card (your choice of colors)...

What a genius thing to say! Why, low and behold, what should I do the very next day? Lose my farking wallet of course! Thankfully, the freakin' day before I posted that stupid, stupid, stupid doomsday credit cards post, so had a list of all the cards I needed to cancel.

Can you imagine the cumulative hold time for canceling that many lost cards?!?! Unfortunately, I don't have to imagine... It's a lot! Two beers easy.

Even more fun, I still need to cancel my library card, get a new driver's license, replace my health insurance card - even get a new Safeway card. Ugh!

For your convenience, I've listed a bunch of the credit card company phone numbers below, just in case you've lost your cards and can't be bothered surfing to the their websites and hitting "contact us". I've also included the number for calling collect if outside the US (in parentheses). Aren't I special?

  • mbna - 800.421.2110 (302.738.5719)
  • Bank of America - 800.552.7302 (509.353.1830)
  • citi - 800.950.5114 (605.335.2222)
  • United - 800.537.7783 (847.888.6600)
  • REI - 877.REI.8742 < I hate dialing letters (701.461.2932)
  • American Express - 800.528.4800 (336.393.1111)

Oh hell. You can look the rest up yourself. You're on the blooming internet for cripe's sake...



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